Solution accelerators change industries by transforming and improving key processes

Streamlined Operations

Streamlined Operations

Simplify and improve the workflow of core processes

Enhanced Efficiency

Enhanced Efficiency

Improve productivity and operational effectiveness

Accelerated Adaptability

Accelerated Adaptability

Facilitate rapid adaptation to evolving market needs

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Improve satisfaction and cultivate enduring loyalty


Inven EMR Inven EMR

Harness the power of customization and elevate your practice to new heights. Embrace a new era of streamlined workflows and personalized healthcare

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FHIR HL7 Inven MedData

Seamlessly integrate, exchange, and leverage real-time data for enhanced patient care and embrace the future of interconnected healthcare systems

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RPM Enabler Module Inven WearDaQ

Stay connected, proactive, and in control of your well-being as you seamlessly monitor vital signs, track progress, and receive personalized care, anytime, anywhere

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Recommendation Engine Inven Recs

A recommendation engine that uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to better understand search queries and deliver more accurate and relevant search results

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Document Classifier and Entity Recognizer Inven Extract+

A document classifier and entity recognizer, which is an NER-based extraction tool that automatically identifies and extracts important information from unorganized data using natural language processing

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T-IoT T-IoT Connect+

A highly customizable cloud agnostic platform that can be integrated with any IoT devices to provide a secure solution for data gathering and visualization

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Smart Joules Smart Joules

A platform that monitors energy and utility usage, generate bills, and analyze data for valuable cost-saving insights using our intuitive web and mobile application

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Doing the successful thing,
at the right time

Industry Empowerment

Empower industries with accelerators, efficiency, innovation, and growth

Accelerating Market Entry

Expedite industries time-to-market through streamlined processes and automation

Industry Assistance

Support industries with tailored frameworks and specialized expertise

Affordable Solutions

Enabling industries of all
sizes to leverage transformative technologies

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What makes us different


Advanced AI Algorithms

leveraging AI algorithms, we harness advanced analytics and predictive capabilities to deliver exceptional insight


Seamless IoT Integration

Excel in seamlessly integrating with diverse IoT devices and systems, ensuring a robust and scalable solution


Healthcare Interoperability

Experts in seamless interoperability, integrating our software accelerators with diverse healthcare devices

Guiding Industries towards
a Promising Future


Fast Integration


Less Expensive


Easily Scalable


Data secure
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