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We understand the importance of providing comprehensive and effective remote monitoring solutions. Our Wearable Data Acquisition Module Inven WearDaQ is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing healthcare systems, enabling healthcare providers to remotely monitor and gather vital health data from patients in real-time. By collecting and analyzing this data, our module empower healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and deliver proactive care management.

Usability and patient engagement are key considerations in our module development. We create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that facilitate easy data collection from various sources, including wearable devices and mobile applications.


  • Remote vital signs monitoring
  • Easy integration
  • Secure data transmission
  • Customizable parameters
  • User-friendly interface

Use Cases

Remote monitoring device manufacturers:
  • Expand product capabilities and offerings
  • Streamline data collection and transmission
  • Ensure compatibility and interoperability
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Enable advanced data analytics capabilities
  • Continuous Monitoring of Critical Patients
  • Post-Operative Care Management
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Elderly Patient Monitoring
  • Remote Consultations and Telemedicine
Research groups:
  • Longitudinal health studies and analysis
  • Real-world data collection and insights
  • Remote clinical trials and interventions
  • Remote data collection for analysis
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Validation Studies
Software companies offering healthcare solutions:
  • Enhance healthcare software solutions
  • Integrate remote patient monitoring capabilities
  • Enable real-time health data integration
  • Support telehealth and virtual care
  • Real-time health data analysis
  • Pharmacovigilance and adverse event monitoring
  • Optimize medication efficacy and safety
  • Enhance patient recruitment for clinical trials
  • Improve post-market surveillance processes
  • Remote patient data collection and analysis
Health and Wellness:
  • Remote health monitoring and tracking
  • Personalized wellness coaching and interventions
  • Lifestyle and behavior change support
  • Remote fitness and activity monitoring
  • Chronic disease prevention and management


  • Integrate a data aggregator module into your existing HMS.
  • Customize the module to integrate multiple wearable device API endpoints.
  • Flexibility to choose the preferred wearable devices for integration.
  • Implement a cloud storage solution for the specific wearable device's data.
  • Enable seamless data retrieval from the cloud storage.
  • Transmit the aggregated data in a chronological manner.
  • Ensure the transmitted data is organized chronologically.
  • Provide visualization capabilities for the retrieved data.
  • Facilitate easy analysis and interpretation of the visualized data.
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