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Recommendation Engine

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, industries are recognizing the indispensable value of an AI-based recommendation engine like our Inven Recs
that employs natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to comprehend search queries, delivering precise and pertinent search results.
This versatile AI engine not only analyzes user feedback and issue resolutions,
but also identifies patterns and offers recommendations for issue resolution, empowering organizations to optimize their query-solving workflow.


  • Provide Contextual search/Semantic search
  • Chatbot integrated to interact with customer queries
  • Uses Advanced NLP techniques
  • Easy to retrain the engine

Use Cases

Maintenance & Service Companies

Our AI-powered recommendation engine, Inven Recs, empowers junior field engineers to efficiently search for accurate solutions, streamline their workflow, and boost productivity in their daily tasks.

Call Center Companies 

Inven Recs, our AI-driven recommendation engine, aids call center agencies in overcoming bottlenecks by efficiently narrowing down solutions for customer queries, enhancing the speed and effectiveness of the support process.

Device Companies 

Inven Recs, our AI-powered recommendation engine, serves as a valuable tool for both service technicians and customers. It offers chatbot features to provide solutions and assistance for any device-related issues encountered, enhancing the overall support experience.

Asset Management Companies

Inven Recs, our AI-driven recommendation engine, empowers asset management companies by enabling faster issue resolution through its advanced contextual and semantic search capabilities. It is user-friendly, accessible to individuals with basic technology knowledge, and enhances the overall efficiency of the process.

Industrial Benefits

Faster Solution Recommendation

Helps to quickly identify common issues and prioritize their solution based on the user feedback.

Improved Accuracy

Generates precise results by comprehending user feedback intent, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

Better Customer Experience:

Helps to quickly and effectively resolve problems, businesses can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty


Analyzes queries in context, considering surrounding text and historical data, for enhanced search accuracy.

Recommendation Engine

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