Smart JoulesTransforming Utility Management


In today’s energy-conscious industries, the demand for an efficient IoT-based solution accelerator like Smart Joules is escalating. Smart Joules is the energy monitoring and billing solution with mobile and web applications that allows you to remotely track energy usage, analyze data with intuitive dashboard visuals, and generate customized reports that empower you to take action and reduce energy costs.


  • View total energy consumption in real time
  • Identify devices that consume high energy
  • Instant bill generation of total consumption
  • Locate carbon emission

Smart Joules Supports

Energy monitoring and billing
Solar monitoring and billing
HVAC monitoring and billing
Gas monitoring and billing
Water monitoring and billing
DG Meter Monitoring and Billing

Industrial Benefits

Automated Data Entry

Streamline processes, save time, and minimize errors with automated data entry

Smart Notifications

Stay informed with email and SMS notifications for efficient outage management

Energy Usage Control

Optimize energy consumption during peak hours for cost savings and efficient resource management.

Mobile Accessibility

Access your data and platform from any web-connected device for seamless mobility and convenience.


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