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Industrial IoT Accelerator

Smart Joules

Smart Joules

Smart Joules is the energy monitoring and billing solution with mobile and web applications that allows you to remotely track energy usage, analyze data with intuitive dashboard visuals, and generate customized reports that empower you to take action and reduce energy costs.

T-IoT Connect+


T-IoT Connect+ is a cloud-agnostic platform that enables device manufacturers and integrators to connect their devices to the cloud easily. T-IoT Connect+ provides a flexible and secure data gathering and visualization solution, enabling businesses to deploy IoT solutions quickly and easily without being tied to a specific cloud provider.

Healthcare Accelerator

Inven EMR

Inven EMR

Efficient and secure management of patient data is crucial for healthcare providers. EMR development services empower healthcare organizations to streamline their operations, enhance patient care, and improve overall efficiency. Our EMR development process begins with a comprehensive analysis of our clients’ requirements, ensuring that we gain a thorough understanding of their workflows and objectives. We then leverage our technical expertise to design and develop intuitive and user-friendly EMR systems that optimize productivity and minimize errors.

Artificial Intelligence Accelerator

Inven Recs

Recommendation Engine

Inven Recs is a recommendation engine which uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to understand the meaning behind search queries and provide more accurate and relevant search results. The Inven Recs can be used to analyze user feedback and issue resolutions, identify patterns, and provide recommendations for resolving issues.

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