Inven Recs

A recommendation engine that uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to better understand search queries and deliver more accurate and relevant search results

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Inven Extract+

A document classifier and entity recognizer, which is an NER-based extraction tool that automatically identifies and extracts important information from unorganized data using natural language processing

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Inven EMR

Harness the power of customization and elevate your practice to new heights. Embrace a new era of streamlined workflows and personalized healthcare

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Inven MedData

Seamlessly integrate, exchange, and leverage real-time data for enhanced patient care and embrace the future of interconnected healthcare systems

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T-IoT Connect+

A highly customizable cloud agnostic platform that can be integrated with any IoT devices to provide a secure solution for data gathering and visualization

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Smart Joules

A platform that monitors energy and utility usage, generate bills, and analyze data for valuable cost-saving insights using our intuitive web and mobile application

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Inven WearDaQ

Stay connected, proactive, and in control of your well-being as you seamlessly monitor vital signs, track progress, and receive personalized care, anytime, anywhere

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